The Golden Girls 25th Anniversary Collection Promises a Sickening Display of Humanity’s Bitter End | ChristWire

Another great, funny, tongue in cheek article from one of my favorite websites.  Here is an excerpt and a link to the full article:

“One of the great ideas of Western civilization,” philosopher Ross Douthat recently wrote, “is the celebration of lifelong heterosexual monogamy as a unique and indispensable estate.” Tragically, that celebration is winding down as more and more Americans sneak off to the afterparty of carnal depravity. Lured into the dark, humid spaces of homosexual relativism by activist judges and Hollywood stars, these people are now embarking on the complete reëngineering of society’s basic tenets of marriage and family. It is the culmination of a decades-long campaign that can be traced back, in part, to the messages broadcast in the 1980s by television programs such as The Golden Girls.

There was something subversively tawdry about the programming from that era. Whether it was Designing Women or Spenser for Hire, Hotel or Murphy Brown, each sketched out a flamboyant worldview in pastel hues that was specifically targeted at the confused and awkward. But there was one show in particular that recklessly upped the ante in this high stakes poker game of modern morality. What The Golden Girls postulated for America was nothing less than a neo-socialist landscape populated by same-sex “family” units composed of jobless predators whose lives revolved around food, clothes and brawny men. The women of this series embodied the antithesis of traditional marriage, publicly decrying that institution while reveling in divorce and sex. They spawned an endless cycle of Sexy and the City and Housewives of New Jersey types of shows and invented the idea of “cougars,” i.e. older women like Demi Moore who wear young mates on their lapels like fancy diamond brooches.


This Golden Girls ideal of a same-sex household got passed along like a venereal disease until it landed in the lap of the nascent “gay rights” movement. Unsurprisingly, young homosexuals fell in love with this booze- and fornication-laden ideology. For them, Betty White became the forgiving mother they never had, Dorothy Zbornak the father whose expectations they could fulfill. Maybe Blanche was the bartender in their fantasy lives while Sophia sat on the next stool over, offering up pointless stories to pass the time like some gassy drunk. In the ensuing years, gays spread their vicious seeds far and wide and today we are seeing the musky fruits drop from those aging trees. Yes, those fruits are falling all over in the form of legislative and judicial maneuvers to redefine marriage, from Judge Vaughn Walker’s denial of Proposition 8 in California to the legalization of same-sex nuptials in Catholic Spain. In essence, this trend of “homosexual” marriage is nothing less than a cruel testament to the power of that loathsome foursome of libidinal Floridians.

via The Golden Girls 25th Anniversary Collection Promises a Sickening Display of Humanity’s Bitter End | ChristWire.

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