LGBT “Welcome” Ad Rejected by Sojourners, Nation’s Premier Progressive Christian Org

This is truly sad…

This was an ad welcoming Gays and Lesbians to Church….

I was just beginning to think Sojourners was a different kind of Christian than the Crazy Fundamentalists…

But I guess they are either not being completely honest in their mission or are just scared…

Believe Out Loud is more than four years in the making. Virtually every mainline Protestant LGBT denominational advocacy group is a partner, making it a credible place for church leaders to turn for help on this issue. We have asked ourselves why Sojourners, a preeminent voice for justice in the religious community, rejected our ad buy. Does the organization not really believe in welcome for “everyone” in our churches or do they believe everyone is welcome, but they are afraid to “believe out loud” for fear of alienating some constituents? On one level, it doesn’t really matter. Their dilemma, apparently, is a ringing testimony for both the urgency and the necessity of this campaign since the issues they confronted are similar to those that face congregational leaders in addressing this concern within their settings. In recent years, American society has made significant strides forward towards full equality for LGBT persons. Tragically, the church has lagged well behind. Clearly, there is more work to be done.



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2 responses to “LGBT “Welcome” Ad Rejected by Sojourners, Nation’s Premier Progressive Christian Org

  1. Renee

    Hey, I am conflicted by the actions of Sojourners. In fact ,I had to post something in response. I had one response who pointed me to the Gay Christian Network. You may want to find it online.


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