Is Being Gay More Important to Ken Mehlman Than Being a Republican? | ChristWire

Very amusing t0ngue in cheek article from one of my favorite websites.  It’s about Ken Mehlman, George Bush’s Campaign manager and former head of the Republican National Committee’s coming out as gay this week.

Here are a couple of quotes and a link to the full article:

Ken Mehlman was a great man. As one of President George W. Bush’s most important political allies, he helped shape the groundbreaking conservative uprising of the 2000 election and saw that it was implemented with wisdom and discipline in the ensuing years. Despite the horrific wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the equally disturbing attempts to undermine Bush’s Evangelical Christian voice, Ken persevered. He became head of the Republican National Committee as a reward for his efforts and in that role he oversaw the ban of same-sex marriage in 21 states. In many issues large and small, Mehlman occupied a vital place, whether it was through his vocal support of Federal Marriage Amendment or campaigning for Senator Rick Santorum when he publicly condemned sodomy and homosexuality.

Yet now Mr. Mehlman has decided to throw all that away with his public confession that he is gay. In an interview he gave with Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic this week, Mehlman stated that the announcement of his sexual orientation has made him, “a happier and better person” and that, “it’s something I wish I had done years ago.”

Advocates for homosexuality were quick to jump on the story. “He needs to acknowledge the damage he caused and apologize for the lives he’s ruined,” Geoffrey Kors of Equality California said in a press release. Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God (not a religious site) was even more cruel when he called Mr. Mehlman a, “Repulsive Anti-Gay Quisling Homophobic Scumbag Asshat.” But, as the Washington Post noted, most “gay rights organizations generally welcomed his statement.” Fox News cut through all the rhetoric with the straightforward headline, “Disaster Looms If GOP Changes Course On Gay Marriage.” Other news organizations and journalists, including, World Net Daily, Andrew Brietbart, Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter, have deemed this story just too gossipy and have decided against printing anything at all about Mr. Mehlman.


The reason this is relevant is because Ken, a poster child of Republican power, is poised to do more damage than good to the party with his confession. Many will take this as a sign of the so-called hypocrisy of conservative morality. Others will see this as further evidence that those who fight hardest against the gay agenda are secretly gay themselves. It makes the Christian movement look rotten at its core, it makes Republicans look as if they live by double standards, and it makes the ideology of family values in America look like a shallow opportunistic ploy to use fear to gain political control.

via Is Being Gay More Important to Ken Mehlman Than Being a Republican? | ChristWire.

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