Remembering Julie London

I really discovered Julie London when I was in my ’30’s….

I, like most of my generation, really only knew her as Nurse Dixie McCall on “Emergency.”  This was a TV show that was popular when I was a child.

I remember watching it with my Father in the den and him saying:  “No one remembers this, but Julie London was a helluva singer.  Everyone just thinks of her of now for this TV show.  But, that dame could sing.”

He was right.  She and her husband, Bobby Troupe, who was also on “Emergency”, where major jazz musicians.

Years later, I bought a Julie London CD on a whim in a discount bin and was blown away.  She truly owns “Cry Me a River.”  This was back when we were all switching from albums to CD’s and this was one of my maybe two dozen CD’s.  So, I played it a lot….

I heard her singing today in my car, on my satellite radio station that mainly plays Sinatra.  And I was blown away again…

I wish more people remembered Julie London, the singer….


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2 responses to “Remembering Julie London

  1. This reminds me of Doris Day. If I’m not mistaken, she’s known primarily as an actress, but I love her as a singer as well. Her rendition of ‘Fly me to the moon’ is my favourite version of the song.

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  2. Darla

    Julie released 32 albums in her lifetime. I have always thought of her as a singer. My Dad loved her smoky voice and had many of her albums, later CDs. Her first marriage, before Bobby Troupe, was to Jack Webb of Dragnet fame. They had two children together. Thanks for the memories.


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