Thank You, John Roberts….

I really never thought I would say this to the man behind Bush v Gore and  Citizens United…

Whatever his motivations- to save the name of the “Robert’s Court” or to do the right thing- I really think it was the prior- we all owe a debt of gratitude to the current Chief Justice today…

Now, we can all celebrate- just like he did in the past!


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One response to “Thank You, John Roberts….

    Some see the Supreme Court Decision as TAX, if this is the case, NYS Driver License is a tax. So is many other Government Mandates.

    Now, the Government and Private Sector should, through a 50/50 Joint Venture, form an Infrastructure Bank. Used this fund for a Nationwide 21st Century “National Network of Networks” (it will Cost about $300 billion). The Benefits are: e-Commerce, e-Education, Energy and Transportation, e-Government, e-Healthcare, Entertainment, Social Networking, etc.

    Nationwide e-Healthcare Network will Increased Healthcare Productivity, Efficiency, and still provide this Nation with a Cost Savings of around 20-30% of our Annual National Healthcare Expenditures (in 2010 $2.8T).

    Gadema Quoquoi


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