Remembering Studio 54

I don’t thing anyone of my generation would ask any questions if anyone said:  “Do you remember 54.”

To those of us in small towns across the country, it was our Mecca….

A place we dreamed of and hoped to visit one day to pay our respects….

And it was so totally egalitarian and accessible…

As long as you were young and cute….

Bianca, Liza, Andy, Mick….

You could have met them all if you could have just gotten to the door and been cute enough to get in….

And we all thought we were cute enough then….

Money wasn’t the currency:  cuteness was….

And we all thought:  “If only we could get there…”

I’ve been to so many shows at the theatre that replaced Studio 54.

Each time I walk in, I think of 54 and the disco ghosts I missed….

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