Karma….The Duggars Edition

I truly hate the Duggars….

No, that is too strong.  I just find them stupid and disgusting…

I have a real issue with people who flaunt their religion for cash…

Especially, when they have really bad hair and really low IQ’s …

But some people still look up to them…

The Duggars are like very unattractive Christian Porn Stars who never delivered the money shot….

They made a lot of cash for, well, doing one thing…

And now it’s all over….

Bye, bye…

From Addicting Info:

After years of making her older children responsible for a great deal of the parenting duty to the younger children, Michelle Duggar is discovering just how much of a bad idea it was to have sex 19 times without using birth control or telling Jim Bob to put a raincoat on it.

In a post on the family blog, Michelle whined about having to stay up until 2am to do laundry after doing all the chores that she should have seen coming while popping out kid after kid, claiming that she broke down crying and then she claimed that God spoke to her and inspired her to keep folding until the work was done. Yes, apparently God has nothing better to do than talk to Michelle Duggar about laundry. Because it couldn’t possibly be simply hearing voices in your head or having hallucinations after a day of exhausting work.

More:   Addicting Info – Michelle Duggar Can’t Handle Parental Responsibility, Discovers Why Having 19 Kids Was A Bad Idea.

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