Chapter 50: Party at the Hot Sheet Hotel | My Southern Gothic Life

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Like most conservative, religious cities, Danville had a lot of Hot Sheet Hotels.

By this I mean, cheap hotels that did a lot of business during the lunch hour and early  evenings. No one really seemed to spend an entire night there…

There was a long history of this in Danville, starting with the infamous Cliff’s Cabins on Riverside Drive and carrying on to this day.  I still see dozens of hotels advertising rooms for $29.95 a “night” every time I drive into town.

One of the favorites was always the Shamrock Motel on Piney Forest Road because they had parking in the rear where cars couldn’t be seen from the street.  The old Holiday Inn was also popular since the parking lot was so big and spread out.  And people could claim they were just having lunch in the restaurant…

More:   Chapter 50: Party at the Hot Sheet Hotel | My Southern Gothic Life.

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