The Shameless Right-Wing Lies That Ousted an NPR CEO | | AlterNet

When will the  Democrats learn to at least attempt to fight before surrendering?

This James O’Keefe guy is a pathological liar, yet the press still accepts his “films” as evidence against first Acorn, then Shirley Jackson, then Planned Parenthood and now NPR.

I’ll be even more blunt:  He is lying, manipulative scum and has been proven so on numerous occasions.  CNN did a relatively good expose’ on him when he tried to take down one of their reporters.

Why is anyone paying attention to him?

Now even his fellow pathological liar Glenn Beck has point out that O’Keefe doctors his videos and manipulates them to portray things that never happened.

Why isn’t he in jail or at least sued to the point of Bankruptcy?

From AlterNet:

It should come as no surprise that James O’Keefe is an unethical liar who produces deliberately deceptive videos to smear his political opponents. That’s been proven on many occasions. What’s surprising is that is that anyone in the media still pays any attention to him, much less takes actions based on his fictional accounts of staged events. Now even Glenn Beck’s web site, The Blaze, is confirming O’Keefe’s disreputability after having analyzed O’Keefe’s latest videos attacking National Public Radio.

via The Shameless Right-Wing Lies That Ousted an NPR CEO | | AlterNet.

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