How To Work From Home

Interesting article for some folks who, like me, will soon be transitioning to working from home after years in a Corporate office environment…

Working at home gets a bad rap. People don’t help when they use air quotes when talking about “working” at home, like they’re really watching TV all day. If you do this, please stop. It doesn’t help the millions of us who do work at home and do a damn fine job of it.

It’s true some managers don’t believe their people really work when they are at home, but the research shows the other extreme: people overwork. Ironically, in the digital age, many remote workers report they can’t shut off. They may feel a need to prove they’re actually working when they are home; they might even work more than they would at the office because they feel a need to overcompensate and thank their employer for “letting” them work from home.

Research from Northeastern University finds role transitions are especially challenging for people who work at home. Humans like to compartmentalize: We put work in one domain, and family in another. When you work at home, you will be in your home environment and you will face distraction during the day. A dirty kitchen, lonely cat, sick kid or leaky faucet can be your ruin if you let it. Working at home takes discipline and a keen sense of purpose.

via How To Work From Home | | AlterNet.

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