Trump For President? No Longer A Joke

I think he would be the perfect Republican Presidential Nominee:

  1. You can’t believe a word he says
  2. He’s a rich man out of touch with most people’s lives
  3. He changes positions to whatever is currently popular with the Tea Party
  4. He’s driven his companies into bankruptcy twice

Sounds like a modern Republican to me…

From the National Examiner:

A new NBC/Wall Street Journal survey has New York real estate mogul Donald Trump second (tied) to former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney among Republicans for the party’s 2012 presidential nomination. Romney’s support at 21% among nine candidate is not surprising given that he has been an undeclared candidate since 2008 and other polls indict similar rising support for him, but Trump’s standing at 17% (tied with former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee) among national Republicans adds credence to the viability of a Trump candidacy heretofore dismissed as a public relations gimmick and far-fetched. A CNN polls published in late March had Trump with 10% support. A Trump candidacy may be gaining momentum as Trump himself has been ubiquitous on news shows immersing himself in political debates (he has doubts, for instance, about whether President Barack Obama is U.S.-born) and promoting the idea of a President Trump.

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2 responses to “Trump For President? No Longer A Joke

  1. James W. Covington

    Mr. Trump,
    I believe you have the Character, Culture, not a Communist but just a true and proven Capitalist and you have a lot of Class. All of these are the basis that AMERICA needs to restore our place in the world. You have no monetary gains to let get in your way. You are also a self made made man with a great father’s help that has guided you in the right direction that you have taken to achieve your station in life. AMERICA NEEDS YOU AND I WANT TO HELP YOU IN LOUISIANA TO REBUILD AMERICA.
    James “Jim” W. Covington
    3816 Stoneybrook Street
    Zachary, Louisiana 70791


  2. James W. Covington

    I would like for someone from his campaign to contact me to start working for him in Louisiana.
    Jim Covington


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