Donald Trump: The President We Deserve

God, I hope we don’t get what we deserve.  That should be everyone’s fear…

Still, this is an illuminating article from Salon:

So it’s best to be prepared. I spent Tuesday speed-reading “TrumpNation,” in the hope that it would help me imagine what a Donald Trump presidency might be like. The experience has been illuminating. I’m a changed man, and I’m here to tell you, Donald Trump is everything Americans deserve as a president.

I didn’t expect to think this. I thought that a review of a business career marked by, to borrow O’Brien’s summation, “repeated failures, flirtations with personal bankruptcy, sequential corporate bankruptcies, [and] the squandering of billions of dollars” would provide grist for a thorough denunciation of the Donald. As the political analysts have been quick to point out, Trump’s career should be a gold mine for opposition researchers — and not just because of the multiplicity of political views he has expressed. Let’s not forget that in the early 1990s, the Trump brand meant failure. He had fatally overextended himself by wasting billions of dollars of borrowed money on a spending spree that included, among other things, casinos, airlines, ridiculously overpriced hotels, and luxury yachts unloaded by bankrupt Middle Eastern arms sellers.

He dumped his first wife for a younger trophy, and then dumped her for another trophy, shrugging off the tabloid chatter by telling a reporter “You know, it really doesn’t matter what they write when you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.” He made a habit of buying property when the price was high, and then being forced to unload it at a huge loss when the real estate market crashed. He has proved comically inept as an Atlantic City casino owner — really, it’s one thing to imagine a gambling mogul in the White House, but an incompetent one? In the course of his career, he’s been bailed out by his father, by his siblings, and by the banks to whom he owed hundreds of millions of dollars. By any rational standpoint, his disasters are far more spectacular than his successes. He’s a reality-television star, for crying out loud!

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3 responses to “Donald Trump: The President We Deserve

  1. John Scotus

    Sometimes the greatest blessing that God can give is to protect us from ourselves. The political atmosphere within the US has become a joke, so it is fitting that we have a joke president–fitting, but disastrous. While I do not think that Trump will run–or win–hopefully the very idea of Trump becoming president should cause some people to wake up and start taking politics a little more seriously.


  2. Kent

    We already had a joke for President, remember
    George W. Bush?


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