North Carolina Dem Governor Vetoes GOP Voter-ID Bill


This is nothing but an attempt by the GOP to stop legitimate voters from voting. It is specifically targeted at voters who vote for the Democrats and is really a Republican attempt to limit the electorate and stay in power.

The demographic trending is moving away from the GOP, so look for more dirty trick bills like this as they try to ensure only Rich White People vote…


North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue (D) has vetoed a Voter-ID bill passed by the Republican-controlled state legislature. The proposed law was part of a wave of similar bills that have been pushed by Republican-led legislatures in the wake of the 2010 elections. Like those, it would have required voters to show certain approved forms of photo identification at their polling places, or else cast provisional ballots and then have to prove their eligibility later.

“This bill, as written, will unnecessarily and unfairly disenfranchise many eligible and legitimate voters,” Perdue wrote in her veto announcement.

She also added an allusion to North Carolina’s past as a segregated, Jim Crow state before the Civil Rights movement: “There was a time in North Carolina history when the right to vote was enjoyed only by some citizens rather than by all. That time is past, and we should not revisit it.”

Perdue’s veto is likely to succeed, rather than be overridden. The CBS affiliate in Raleigh points out that while the bill had passed the state Senate by a veto-proof margin, it had in fact only passed the state House by a margin of 62-51, short of the 72 votes that would be needed to override the veto in that chamber.

via North Carolina Dem Governor Vetoes GOP Voter-ID Bill | TPMMuckraker.

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