Happy Birthday, Eydie Gorme!

Let’s leave Rick Perry alone for  few minutes and talk about someone truly important;  Eydie Gorme is 80 today…

She’s such a part of the 20th Century Music scene, I couldn’t let this milestone go unnoticed.  She’s one of the last of the great Broadway belters.  I somehow think you could hear Eydie even without the microphone, no matter how big the house…

She also has one of the longest musical partnerships- and marriages- in Show Business with her husband, Steve Lawrence.

They are so “Vegas in the ’60’s” you can’t help but love them.  They are iconic 20th Century entertainment figures.

I bet Rick Perry even listened to her back when he was a cheerleader at Texas A&M….

Happy Birthday, Eydie.  I hope you have many more!

Here she is in 1966:

And a little Steve AND Eydie:

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