Troy Davis Execution Stay Denied by Supreme Court

I’m sorry, but we should never take the chance we are killing an innocent man…

That is nothing more than state sanctioned murder.

That’s why I do not support the Death Penalty.  There is no way to rectify the situation if something goes wrong…

We should be giving life without parole as the sentence in these cases so there is always the chance to fix it if the system goes astray.

Texas has already executed a man who was probably innocent- at least once.  And Rick Perry has tried to cover it up….

We have to stop doing this….

If you are poor, Black and in The South, you already have three strikes against you before the system even begins to move…

There is just too much doubt here….

Davis was convicted of the 1989 murder of Savannah, Ga., policeman Mark MacPhail, and had his execution stayed four times over the course of his 22 years on death row, but multiple legal appeals during that time failed to prove his innocence.

Public support grew for Davis based on the recanted testimony of seven witnesses from his trial and the possible confession of another suspect, which his defense team claimed cast too much doubt on Davis’ guilt to follow through with an execution.

Several witnesses recanted their testimony that Davis fired the shot that killed MacPhail. His impending execution has brought those efforts to a head.

via Troy Davis Execution Stay Denied by Supreme Court – ABC News.

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