Michelle Obama: Voting Rights Is ‘Movement Of Our Era’

And she is so right….

I’m old enough to remember how hard some folks fought for the right to vote.  I remember the news coverage with fire hoses and attack dogs being let loose on people who only wanted to exercise their Constitutional right to vote.  I never thought this battle would have to be re-fought in my lifetime.

The Republicans are counting on us to have a short memory of American History….

Given its current agenda and the overall demographic trends in the country, the only way the GOP can stay in power is to limit the electorate.  And they are trying desperately to do this with these Voter ID laws.

The Voter ID laws predominately impact Latino’s, Black people, the young, the elderly and other groups that have an interest in supporting the Non-Republican agenda.

And if you think everyone has a government issued Id and it’s cheap and easy to get the documentation to get one, then I suggest you step out of your Middle Class bubble…..

And remember, there is almost no documented evidence of any substantial- or in fact any- voter fraud today that would be impacted by voter ID laws.

I’m much more worried about the GOP manipulating the results via flawed technology in the voting machines and reporting process.  There is much more evidence of concern there than with Voter ID gaps.

And if you think these new laws  don’t apply to you, remember, these angry, rich, impotent, old white guys will get around to you eventually…..unless you share exactly their same self-interests.

From The Huffington Post:

Michelle Obama says protecting the right to vote has become the nation’s most important civil rights issue.

The first lady tells a gathering of black lawmakers and leaders that they owe it to those who fought and died for equal rights in the 1960s to make sure every voter can freely cast a ballot.

Her comments at an annual awards banquet for the Congressional Black Caucus come amidst a push in more than a dozen states to pass laws requiring voters to show ID at the polls. Critics say the laws unfairly harm minorities, poor people and college students – all groups that tend to vote Democratic.

Comparing it to the civil rights movement, Obama calls voting rights “the march or our time” and “the sit in of our day.”

via Michelle Obama Congressional Black Caucus Speech: Voting Rights Is ‘Movement Of Our Era’.


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  1. Nita

    As always, you are spot on. V


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