Stupid, Happy People

When I was young, more than once I said:  ” I wish I was stupid; life would be so much easier.”

I vividly remember saying that to my friend, Bob, one night during a low period of my life in college at Washington and Lee University.

Of course, knowing how I always applied my vision of life as seen by F. Scott Fitzgerald to my life at W&L,  I was probably only being melodramatic and paraphrasing Daisy Buchanan in “The Great Gatsby” when she says she hopes her daughter will be a “pretty little fool.”

Now, I just have a paranoid suspicion that the Republicans just may be putting this mythical drug in the drinking water in the South….

Still, this video offers a modern solution- and outlines the possible outcomes of what life might be if you could lower your IQ to better deal with modern life….

Hat Tip to John Aravosis at, where I first saw this….

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