NC Governor Spending $230,000 on Mansion Bathrooms


I’m basically speechless at the arrogance, stupidity and lies of the McCrory administration and the Republican leaders in Raleigh, but this is really ridiculous.

From the Raleigh News and Observer:

Gov. Pat McCrory plans to spend up to $230,000 in taxpayer funds remodeling bathrooms in his private living quarters at North Carolina’s Executive Mansion even as he demands belt-tightening for public schools and social programs.

Planned upgrades include new marble, tubs and fixtures for six bathrooms on the upper floors of the Victorian-era home in Raleigh. The changes were included in a long list detailing $90 million in repairs and renovations to government buildings sent to legislative leaders last week by state budget director Art Pope. The $90 million was included in the state budget for the current fiscal year.

MORE:   RALEIGH, N.C.: NC governor spending $230,000 on mansion bathrooms | State Politics |

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