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Is America Trending Towards Socialism?

There is some very interesting data in this article from Pew Research.  For one thing, if you know the demographic trending of the American Population- younger and less white- you see an increasing acceptance of- or at least not fear of- Socialism.

The older and whiter the demographic, the more they still see Socialism as the big, scary monster….

Here is a table of their findings and a link to the full article….

Read it and draw your own conclusions….

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Capitalism for the Long Term – Harvard Business Review

Interesting article from the Harvard Business Review…

I think it’s a little optimistic to think Business and Capitalism will reform themselves…

His suggestions seem to be to go back to the way we were…

What are the odds of that happening without Governmental reform and public outrage?

Not likely to happen as long as the Corporations own the Government….

Why reform when you can rig the system to your benefit?

In an ongoing effort that started 18 months ago, I’ve met with more than 400 business and government leaders across the globe. Those conversations have reinforced my strong sense that, despite a certain amount of frustration on each side, the two groups share the belief that capitalism has been and can continue to be the greatest engine of prosperity ever devised—and that we will need it to be at the top of its job-creating, wealth-generating game in the years to come. At the same time, there is growing concern that if the fundamental issues revealed in the crisis remain unaddressed and the system fails again, the social contract between the capitalist system and the citizenry may truly rupture, with unpredictable but severely damaging results.

Most important, the dialogue has clarified for me the nature of the deep reform that I believe business must lead—nothing less than a shift from what I call quarterly capitalism to what might be referred to as long-term capitalism. (For a rough definition of “long term,” think of the time required to invest in and build a profitable new business, which McKinsey research suggests is at least five to seven years.) This shift is not just about persistently thinking and acting with a next-generation view—although that’s a key part of it. It’s about rewiring the fundamental ways we govern, manage, and lead corporations. It’s also about changing how we view business’s value and its role in society.

There are three essential elements of the shift. First, business and finance must jettison their short-term orientation and revamp incentives and structures in order to focus their organizations on the long term. Second, executives must infuse their organizations with the perspective that serving the interests of all major stakeholders—employees, suppliers, customers, creditors, communities, the environment—is not at odds with the goal of maximizing corporate value; on the contrary, it’s essential to achieving that goal. Third, public companies must cure the ills stemming from dispersed and disengaged ownership by bolstering boards’ ability to govern like owners.

via Capitalism for the Long Term – Harvard Business Review.

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