Easy to be Hard

I always think of this song when the political Campaign season starts heating up….

And I love this version by Three Dog Night….

Who else remembers Three Dog Night?  They were really big when I was an early teen and had so many hits in the 1970’s.

Jeremiah was a bullfrog….

This was one of their best….

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The Sadness of a Lady Bright

Addiction is such a cruel thing.  And perhaps the cruelest part is that it impacts more than the addict….

Poor Bobbi Kristina Brown never really had a chance….

It just compounds the tragedy of her Mother, Whitney Houston’s, death that her only daughter follows so closely behind her…

And I know Whitney must have hoped for so much more on so many fronts…..

Somehow, Liza, Lorna and Joey seem to have survived Judy Garland’s issues.  Liza, especially, has had her struggles with addiction.

But our generation’s Judy Garland, Whitney Houston,  didn’t have a child that strong….

So, so sad….

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The Great U-Turn

Brilliant column by the brilliant Robert Reich.

I remember growing up, my Father made enough money to have a house, 2 cars, a maid and support a wife and two children.  He didn’t go to college, but he built a solid, middle class life.  My mother worked, initially, for what was called “pin”money.  For the extras….And to keep her out of trouble.

That is no longer the case….

And Robert Reich captures it beautifully…..

Do you recall a time in America when the income of a single school teacher or baker or salesman or mechanic was enough to buy a home, have two cars, and raise a family?

I remember. My father (who just celebrated his 100th birthday) earned enough for the rest of us to live comfortably. We weren’t rich but never felt poor, and our standard of living rose steadily through the 1950s and 1960s.

That used to be the norm. For three decades after World War II, America created the largest middle class the world had ever seen. During those years the earnings of the typical American worker doubled, just as the size of the American economy doubled. (Over the last thirty years, by contrast, the size of the economy doubled again but the earnings of the typical American went nowhere.)

In that earlier period, more than a third of all workers belonged to a trade union – giving average workers the bargaining power necessary to get a large and growing share of the large and growing economic pie. (Now, fewer than 7 percent of private-sector workers are unionized.)

Then, CEO pay then averaged about 20 times the pay of their typical worker (now it’s over 200 times).

More:  Robert Reich (The Great U-Turn).

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The Magic of Facebook: Part 1

I say part one as I’m sure there is more to follow….

Tonight one of my Facebook friends mentioned Janice in one of her comments.  Janice Barnett is a great singer who provided the soundtrack to our college years.  She gave great concerts and “took us to church”, which we probably needed, at the end.  She was-and is- a great lady and a great talent.  She meant an awful lot to kids who went to Washington and Lee University, Randolph Macon Woman’s College, Mary Baldwin College, Hollins College, Sweet Briar College and other schools in our “circuit” back in the day.

I found her on Facebook tonight, sent her a friend request, and she graciously accepted.  I think it made the day for many of my college friends to know she is “real”, alive and happy.

We loved Janice and it’s nice to know that, 35 years later, we all still hold that special time and place that her music created in our hearts.

And we still love Janice!

Here is one of her greatest hits that we all danced many a night away to…..

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Sunset Blvd: 2015

That’s all I can think about….

Sunset Blvd 2015…

Please, God….Don’t let this give Demi any ideas for a re-make….


The body of a 21-year-old man was discovered in the swimming pool at Demi Moore’s Beverly Hills home on Sunday morning, PEOPLE has confirmed. The news was first reported by TMZ.

More:  Man Found Dead in Demi Moore’s Pool: Reports : People.com.

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The Late, Great Amy Winehouse….

We saw this documentary last weekend at a movie theatre in Greensboro….

It was heartbreakingly good…

I loved Amy Winehouse and this just reinforced my belief that she was a true artist.

She had her demons, she had a rough home life, she made some bad choices, but she was a once in a lifetime talent.

And she was eaten alive by the press.

Some people just don’t have the ability to cope with fame on a global level.  It has to be both wonderful and scary.

I urge you to see this documentary and maybe you will understand.

She was an artist, not mere fodder for the Corporate Media Conglomerates….

And I won’t comment on her parents….

But I will say this supports my theory that family of choice frequently is more supportive and good for someone than birth families…

What a loss….

And further proof of her greatness as a vocalist and perhaps what she was really looking for in life…

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A Golden Girl’s Legacy Brings Hope To LGBT Youth

Yet another reason to love Bea Arthur….

I saw her once at a hotel bar in New York, but didn’t approach her.  Now I wish I had….

Further proof tough old broads can have a heart of gold….


Back in 2005, when the Ali Forney Center could only shelter 12 kids a time, “Golden Girls” star Bea Arthur had flown to New York to lend the organization her support. Her one-woman show, “Bea Arthur on Broadway: Just Between Friends,” raised more than $40,000 for the center, and Arthur contributed a personal donation as well.

But when Arthur passed away in 2009, the center was struggling to keep up with rent, food and payroll payments. Carl Siciliano, the center’s director, was driving to work when he got a call from a landlord threatening to bring eviction proceedings against the center. A Roman Catholic and former Benedictine monk, Siciliano pulled his car to the side of the road and prayed for help.

“I prayed to all my favorite saints, and everyone I could think of in heaven that cared about me or our kids. I included Bea in those prayers, knowing how good she had been to us,” Siciliano told the Huffington Post.

When Siciliano arrived at work that day, one of Arthur’s closest friends called to tell him that the Ali Forney Center was at the top of Arthur’s list of charities in her will. Several weeks later, a check for $300,000 arrived from her estate.

More:   A Golden Girl’s Legacy Brings Hope To LGBT Youth.

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