Welcome to My Blog

Welcome.  Thank you for joining me in this experiment.  I’ve always been a frustrated writer, so I am doing this solely as an outlet  and, hopefully, to generate some interesting dialogue.

It seems only fair to let you know what you are getting into if you visit this blog.  I’m using it to post my opinions and observations.  These will be filtered through some of my core beliefs, which are:

1.   All men and women of all races and sexual orientations are created equal and should be so treated.

2.   What makes one “elite” is an open mind and an open heart- not perceived status, money or job titles.

3.   Separation of Church and State is essential to the survival of the American experiment in democracy.

4.   Everyone is entitled to their own religious or political beliefs and the freedom to express them.

5.   Opinions should be fact based.

6.   One should always be open to education from any source.

7.   Willful ignorance is totally unacceptable.  (Ex:  Sarah Palin)

8.  Pleated pants are one of the greatest evils facing American style.

9.   Flip flops should only be worn in the gym shower, at the beach or around the house.

10.  People should conduct themselves with dignity and a sense of decorum in public.  Blogs count as “in public”.

11.  If you can’t do anything else in life, apparently you become a network TV executive or run an airline.

12.  Fox News isn’t…

More to come…


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11 responses to “Welcome to My Blog

  1. Vicki

    What about mothers? You must share with us ideas on dealing with them.


  2. I already like this blog!


  3. Welcome to the blogging world!


  4. Nana

    I like your viewpoints already!


  5. Marcia

    Hey Scott…opinions can be based on the heart and feelings and may have little to do with facts!! I’m just saying…IMHO Love the blog and I may just follow along…


  6. kelly

    flip-flops should also be worn in jails.


  7. Aunt Lily

    Nephew, You should amend number 4,please,as long as no one is harmed…(example,animal and human sacrifice is a form of worship, ya know) ,what if I wear flipflops and pleated pants to Cthulu goat slughter fest?


  8. KiRk

    Scott, this blog is a natural progression for you and therefore an extension that allows and enables viable discussion about what we all may feel passionate about. So thanks for the invite, and good luck with the experiment.

    I would only add at this time an amendment to core belief #11: please include all Bank CEO’s!

    And now a word about Sarah Palin……


  9. Gail

    Flips flops should be worn everywhere and everyone should have enough pairs to coordinate with every outfit.

    If flip flops are not an essential part of wardrobe then why did God make toe socks?



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