Lucille Ball: Hey, Look Her Over

People forget Lucy could do more than situation comedy….

Doing “Mame” when she was way too old for the part kind of killed memories of how good she could be as a Song and Dance gal…

Not one of the greats, but very, very good and it provides proof of her abilities as an all around entertainer…

I think she still played her musical talent better on television- God knows, her movie of “Mame” was a mess….

Here are a couple of clips for entertainment on a rainy Saturday night- at least that’s the weather here in North Carolina…

From her Broadway show “Wildcat”, “Hey Look Me Over” with Steve Lawrence on TV:

With Shirley Maclaine from her TV Special “Gypsy in My Soul” (Which I really wish would come out on DVD….)

And from a Bob Hope Special:

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