Romney Campaign Busing in Mormons to Make Crowds

This is showing up on several websites today….

The Romney campaign is just collapsing in South Carolina and bussing in Mormon college students to make their crowds seem bigger and more excited….

This is really getting interesting….

From DailyKos:

Buzzfeed reports the latest signs of the complete collapse of the Romney campaign in South Carolina:

GREENVILLE, South Carolina–Outside Tommy’s Ham House here this morning–where Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich scheduled back-to-back visits–a boisterous crowd of young, fresh-faced supporters was waving Romney signs and chanting, “MITT! MITT! MITT!”

But this wasn’t a grassroots youth movement rooted at the University of South Carolina. No, many of the students cheering on the candidate told BuzzFeed they were actually BYU students and young Mormons from D.C. and Virginia who traveled to the Palmetto State to give their coreligionist’s presidential effort a much-needed jolt of energy.

Kat Wardle, a 23-year-old BYU student who is spending the semester in Washington, D.C., said she and several young Latter-Day Saints have been following Romney around the state, playing the role of cheerleaders at various campaign stops.

“I was all over the place at the Lexington rally!” said Wardle, referring to a rainy outdoor event that the campaign has been spinning as an example of growing momentum. Despite the weather, a crowd of several hundred remained for the event and, Romney surrogates like Nikki Haley have pointed out, they were loud and proud.

MORE:   Daily Kos: Romney campaign busing in Mormons from D.C. to make crowds. WOW..

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