Chapter 9: Black Cord Fever | My Southern Gothic Life

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I know people today think that you come out of the womb with your cell phone already in your hands so you can call your mother and tell her you’ve been born.

However, there was a time when everyone did not have cell phones.

There was a time when there was only one phone in the house.  And it stayed there.

It had a long black or white cord that tied it to the wall.  You had to go to it and talk where it was, no matter who else was around.

Of course back in those long ago days, we believed in the quaint concept of privacy, so people would normally give you your space.  We also actually had secrets and hid things from our parents.  Our parents were even known to keep secrets from each other as well as from us.  All, alas is gone with the winds of change…

It was a primitive time, but we managed to survive.

Click here to read the full post : Chapter 9: Black Cord Fever | My Southern Gothic Life.

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