Chapter 89: She Went to Sweet Briar

Revised version of New Post published a few days ago on my other blog, My Southern Gothic Life,

I’m  back to blogging sooner than I expected because I heard we are losing  Sweet Briar College….

It has taken me a week to digest this and I still can’t believe it.  We always think our colleges will outlast us.  Will be eternal.  And it’s a shock to lose one that meant to much to so many of us…

First of all, I did not go to Sweet Briar.  I am a man and therefore excluded from the Sweet Briar sorority.  But I did go to Washington and Lee University in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when it was still an all male school.  And Sweet Briar was a big part of my college experience.  I dated Sweet Briar Girls.  Sweet Briar Girls are some of the best friends I ever had….

More:  Chapter 89: She Went to Sweet Briar | My Southern Gothic Life.

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