Budget debate was fought entirely on the GOP’s turf

Greg Sargent, at The Washington Post, makes some good points here…

First of all, it’s all about the 2012 Elections, not about what is best for the Country or what the Democrats core beliefs may be…

We know the Republicans have no core beliefs…

Sadly, given what happened in 2010, this approach might be necessary to deal with an uneducated, stressed out, results oriented electorate.  Obama’s strategy may be to try to protect the American electorate from themselves…

This might be smart, but it’s also very scary….

And it sacrifices good policy on the altar of political necessity….

And Americans have no one to blame but themselves…

President Obama’s advisers apparently believe that his best route to reeelection is to acknowledge the need for more fiscal discipline, while picking a fight with the GOP over the need for targeted government investment in our future and painting the GOP’s cut-at-all-costs vision as out of the mainstream. In fairness, his advisers, as Paul Krugman noted recently, may very well be right about this.

But it’s still worth appreciating how far to the right the debate has shifted, in part because of Democratic acquiescence. The idea that government spending should be a job-creation tool in our arsenal was entirely marginalized, to the point that it was simply not part of the discussions; meanwhile, the insane conservative demand for $100 billion in cuts was treated as a kind of outer right-wing boundary of legitimate discourse. The result: Giving Boehner more than he originally asked for in cuts became the stuff of middle ground compromise.

via Budget debate was fought entirely on the GOP’s turf – The Plum Line – The Washington Post.

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