Osama Bin Laden’s stash of X-rated pornography found

I’ll post this without comment also….

Except to say, that I’ve read, in numerous places, about the unexpected issues many fundamentalists of all religions have with porn…

From the London Daily Mail:

First it emerged Osama Bin Laden spent hours watching videos of himself as he callously planned new terror attacks against the ‘decadent’ West

But now it appears the Al Qaeda mastermind may have watched something else as he hid in his squalid lair  – pornography.

Today officials revealed U.S. Navy SEALs discovered a stash of x-rated films in the terror leader’s final hideout.

What was he watching? Today it emerged U.S. Navy SEALs found a stash of pornography videos in Osama Bin Laden’s squalid lair

It’s the latest in a series of chilling revelations about the years Bin Laden spent in the specially-built compound, as investigators trawl through the treasure trove of evidence recovered by the SEALS.

According to officials, the commandos found a ‘fairly extensive’ collection of modern porn films as they searched the building after Bin Laden was shot.

via Osama Bin Laden’s stash of X-rated pornography found in his squalid lair | Mail Online.

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