U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Fights Regulations On Penis-Deforming Chemicals

Today’s Penis Post…

Seems to be the Theme of the Week.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce really has come out of the closet.  They used to be a respected organization, but they are really destroying that image quickly as they aggressively and openly push their far right agenda.

Their moto seems to be Corporations First, People Last….

At least it’s getting easier to call attention to their blatant disregard for average people.  Or people period.  Unless they are Rich.  Or a Corporation.

Remember:  Thanks to the Roberts Supreme Court, Corporations are people, too, now…

Very Important People.  They’ve pretty much bought the government with the Chamber of Commerce in the vanguard.

From ThinkProgress.org:

As ThinkProgress reported yesterday, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — one of the largest and most influential big business lobbying groups in the world — fired a letter off to Cass Sunstein, administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, telling him to block the regulation of extremely toxic chemicals in consumer plastics. Despite the overwhelming evidence of the dangers of such chemicals, the chamber letter declares that that EPA “lacks the sound regulatory science needed to meet the statutory threshold for a restriction or ban of the targeted chemicals.”

A wide body of scientific research has linked these chemicals, including phthalates and Bisphenol A (BPA), to declining birth rates, stillbirths, and an increasing number of birth defects. Many of the chemicals under review for increased regulation have already been banned in Europe and Canada.

In fact, studies have shown that these plastic chemicals are directly linked to an alarming rate of male genital birth defects such as hypospadias, a condition in which the opening of the urethra is on the underside, rather than at the end, of the penis. A report by the Center for American Progress’ Reese Rushing details many other risks associated with the chemicals slated for regulation.

The Chamber letter to Sunstein is signed by chief lobbyist Bill Kovacs. Why is Kovacs fighting so aggressively to continue to allow birth defect and miscarriage-causing chemicals to be used in household items and food containers? Perhaps it is because the Chamber is heavily funded by some of the largest plastics manufacturers in America. According to investigations by the New York Times and ThinkProgress, Dow Chemical and Proctor & Gamble have contributed millions to the Chamber’s war chest in recent years.

via U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Fights Regulations On Penis-Deforming Chemicals | ThinkProgress.

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