I’m sorry, but no man can look but so butch in espadrilles….

Not even John Wayne…

Pictures like this and films like “Red River” are why the gay whispers never die out about The Duke…

A new look for the conservative Icon:

John Wayne in espadrilles and other beach attire...


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3 responses to “I’m sorry, but no man can look but so butch in espadrilles….

  1. This is great. John Wayne was a great man. I read the biography of him from his daughter and she paints a very different portrait of him then his public persona. Like Elvis said, “The image is one thing, but the person is another. It’s very hard to live up to an image.”
    I need to comment on the little picture of you that pops up on my email. It’s just the face. It’s a good picture(I also saw the full picture). The funny thing is that even before today’s post I had a full portrait of you from just that small photo. In the picture you are slightly looking down and you head is slightly cocked to one side. In your posts you frequently shoot from the hip and after looking at the picture I couldn’t help buy think, “Hell, he looks like John Wayne with that look. I half expect to see him with two six shooters ready to draw”. You have a lot of confidence in that picture, it’s really good. Anyway, have a good day.


  2. Your title just cracked me up! Ahaha


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