Playgirl Woos Michele Bachmann’s Son; He Says ‘No’

Seems these folks are only so conservative….

Let’s not forget Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown was once a Cosmo centerfold….


You can’t make this stuff up, kids. Following their successful partnership with Levi Johnston, Playgirl magazine informs me they’ve set their sights on another young man with a Republican media star in his life: Lucas Bachmann, son of possible presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann.

“I’m reaching out to Lucas because when I researched him I was struck by how absolutely adorable he is,” Playgirl spokesman Daniel Nardicio tells me. “Plus, I think his political ties make him even sexier. We’ve made initial contact, so let’s see how it goes from there.”

But the skin mag will have to move on to another politician’s son (Mitt Romney has five to choose from!) because Bachmann, 28, has officially quashed the idea.

Reached for comment (over Facebook), Lucas confirmed to PopEater that Playgirl reached out and that he wasn’t the least bit interested. For starters, the politician’s son is currently a resident in psychiatry at the University of Connecticut.

“As you can certainly understand,” Lucas wrote back to Daniel. “One must have a certain degree of anonymity when treating patients in the mental health community.”

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One response to “Playgirl Woos Michele Bachmann’s Son; He Says ‘No’

  1. Arshad Sherif, M.A., M.Ed.

    The Republican contest in 2012 may well come down to Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. If Michele’s son poses for Playgirl, then Sarah Palin can respond by having her gorgeous daughter, Bristol, pose in the nude. The battle lines for the Republican nomination would have been drawn. Drawn indeed! Or, should we say, photographed? The battle for the White House will be settled by Bristol Palin in the pages of Playboy. Not only will she guarantee her mother the nomination, but the attention of the top man at the White House will be so completely focused on her that what goes up for him will not be his poll numbers.


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