The GOP’s CIA Playbook: Destabilize Country to Sweep Back Into Power

For a Party that talks incessantly about Patriotism, this is a pretty sick political philosophy.  But, most of us know by now, “Hypocrisy, they name is Republicans.”

I can’t agree with more on this article:

Modern Republicans have a simple approach to politics when they are not in the White House: Make America as ungovernable as possible by using almost any means available, from challenging the legitimacy of opponents to spreading lies and disinformation to sabotaging the economy.

Over the past four decades or so, the Republicans have simply not played by the old give-and-take rules of politics. Indeed, if one were to step back and assess this Republican approach, what you would see is something akin to how the CIA has destabilized target countries, especially those that seek to organize themselves in defiance of capitalist orthodoxy.


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One response to “The GOP’s CIA Playbook: Destabilize Country to Sweep Back Into Power

  1. I am not going to defend the political tactics of the GOP, but I’m wondering how this is any different when the roles are reversed. Both parties seem to play similar games.


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