Food Stamp Use Rises to Record 45.8 Million

And Congress fiddles with the made up deficit crisis while America burns- or almost starves….

This is truly shocking- almost 15% of the US population having to use Food Stamps.

And the Rich still have their Bush Tax Breaks….

And the Republicans still want to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security…

What about jobs?  Have they forgotten that’s what they were supposedly elected to do something about?

Nearly 15% of the U.S. population relied on food stamps in May, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

The number of Americans using the government’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) — more commonly referred to as food stamps — shot to an all-time high of 45.8 million in May, the USDA reported. That’s up 12% from a year ago, and 34% higher than two years ago.

The program provides monthly benefits to low-income individuals and families, which they can use at stores that accept SNAP benefits.

To qualify for food stamps, an individual’s income can’t exceed $1,174 a month or $14,088 a year — an amount that is 130% of the national poverty level.

The average food stamp benefit was $133.80 per person and $283.65 per household in May.

The highest concentration of food stamp users were in California, Florida, New York and Texas — where more than 3 million residents in each state received food stamps in May.

via Food stamp use rises to record 45.8 million – Aug. 4, 2011.

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One response to “Food Stamp Use Rises to Record 45.8 Million

  1. Well, Congress is on vacation for the next five weeks. Meanwhile, they left without passing a bill to fund the FAA, so we ‘re losing 75,000 jobs, along with lost revenues of $2 million a week. Also, they failed to approve Obama’s trade deals, which would have drastically improved our manufacturing sector.
    When it comes to jobs, it’s pretty easy to see who’s not doing theirs.


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