Glenn Beck: Jewish People ‘Drive Me Out Of My Mind’ With Their Constant Talking

I see he’s still making friends everywhere he goes….

I can’t believe anyone thinks he’s not a bigoted fool….

I bet he says some of his best friends are Jewish….

From the Huffington Post, who has the audio at the link:

Glenn Beck was in South Africa on Thursday, fresh off his “Restoring Courage” event in Israel. He understandably spent his Thursday show recapping and reflecting on the multi-day extravaganza he had just pulled off.

Beck said that some people who were slated to perform at the controversial event had had to pull out.

“The reason why they canceled is because they were under death threat,” he said. “…I don’t blame them for [canceling] at all.”

Beck also said he had been overwhelmed by one aspect of his trip. “I love the Israelis, he said. “I love the Jewish people. But they drive me out of my mind when they talk over each other. They’re constantly talking!”

Beck compared being around Jews in Israel to a family that had eight children. “Eating dinner at their house was like having dinner in Israel,” he said. “Everybody is just talking at the same time, you can’t even think!”

via Glenn Beck: Jewish People ‘Drive Me Out Of My Mind’ With Their Constant Talking (AUDIO).

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