States Consider Banning Teens From Tanning Salons to Help Prevent Melanoma

This would be a very good thing for all the states to adopt.  I know some people are going to complain about “the Nanny State,” but….

I had multiple Melanoma surgeries on my face- yes, my face!  One required removing a part of my face as big as a golf ball. And I am an image-conscious, vain, gay man, so that was more than a little traumatic.

My doctor said Melanomas in that specific spot were almost always the result of tanning bed use when the person was younger.

Luckily, I’ve had no recurrence for over two years.  And I had a very good Plastic Surgeon.  If I had known he was as good as he was, I would have had him do a few other things while he was doing the repairs and reconstruction.  I would now have the eyes of a thirty-year-old.  Another missed opportunity….

Anyway, we all need to remember that Melanoma is one of the deadliest forms of cancer if it is not caught in time.  Take it seriously and try to prevent it.  Look on the soles of your feet – they hide there- as well as your face and back.  Go to a Dermatologist if you see anything suspicious.

This law is really common sense, but sometimes we have to try to legislate common sense.  When I was 25, looking good at that moment was the most important thing to me.  I wasn’t thinking of risks down the road.  We should at least try to save the teens from themselves- and their idiot parents- as they are at the most susceptible for damage from the tanning beds.  And they may not know it for 20-30 years.

End of sermon…..

From The Huffington Post:

– If a proposed law passes, California teens under 18 will need a fake ID to “fake and bake” themselves to a golden brown.

Citing skin cancer risks, legislators have joined lawmakers in at least 21 other states who have debated bills this year to ban or restrict tanning bed use by minors.

via States Consider Banning Teens From Tanning Salons.

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