Some GOP Donors Think Bachmann is Jewish

What the hell????

Don’t these folks read anything?  Or at least watch television? How can they not know Michele Bachmann is a crazed, Right-Wing, Evangelical Christian nutcase?

Of course if these folks are donating to the GOP they have to be either nuts themselves or Rich and selfish or ignorant anyway….

Some Jewish donors are telling fundraisers for Mitt Romney that while they like him, they’d rather open their wallets for the “Jewish candidate,” Michele Bachmann, who they don’t realize is actually a Lutheran, the New York Post reports.

“Some in Romney’s camp have been wondering whether Bachmann and her allies are pushing the ‘Jewish’ rumor to help their own fund-raising… She has enjoyed strong popularity among Jewish voters and often talks about her stay on a kibbutz during the summer of 1974, when she was a teenager.”

via Some Donors Think Bachmann is Jewish.

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