Luckenbach Texas

This is an interesting song…

I’ll shock some folks by saying I have always liked it.  I have since college.  I like the overall message of simplifying life.

The problem is the location.

I’m sorry, but Texas gave us  Tom Delay, George Bush and Rick Perry.   True, it also gave us Molly Ivins and Ann Richards. But I think Delay, Bush and Perry have done more to destroy the Texas Mystique than most Texans realize.

No matter how many times I watch “Giant”, all I can think is that the Benedicts have ultimately lost out to Jett Rink….

While I like the sentiment of the song, it seems to be saying, let’s shuck it all and move to the intellectual, cultural and artistic wastelands- which is what most of Texas is-excluding Austin, San Antonio and maybe a couple of other places.

Discuss among yourselves:

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