Republicans = Casey Anthony

More great Bill Maher.

Why is it that it seems that only those who agree with him, listen to him?

I wish all the people who freaked out over the Casey Anthony verdict would pay similar attention to the murder of the Middle Class by the Republicans. It’s a tragedy that one little girl died, but I never quite got the mass hysteria that America felt over that one case.

It’s a greater tragedy that the Republicans are getting away with destroying the Middle Class-and those they are killing still vote for them.

As P.T. Barnum said, “There is a sucker born every minute.”


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3 responses to “Republicans = Casey Anthony

  1. JanCorey

    It’s clear, according to the Court, that Caylee drown in the family’s swimming pool and the recovery and disposal of Caylee was directed by George Anthony, who used contacts including Kronk to dispose of the body and that Casey clearly had nothing to do with either the death or the displacement of Caylee. If one disagrees with those proven facts, then they simply do not understand the facts of the case, and they are now angry for having been proven to be so very wrong about Casey Anthony for over three years, and it makes then look like total and complete fools. So, they retaliate, speculate even more now, and refuse to consider facts they clearly are incapable of understanding facts of this case based upon their seemingly low-level of cognition on this subject. But, that population is currently supporting the country’s mental health agencies, so we have to give them some credit for being a beneficial part of our society, and their baseless complaints are actually pumping more money into our sluggish economy by their needed medication and therapy purchases, so that‘s a good thing.


  2. sophie

    Those AREN’T facts….the jury simply voted that the state hadn’t proven THEIR case, that she murdered her child. The jury did NOT vote on whether the defense had proven theirs. The defense just told another version of all the stories that have so far come out of Casey Anthony’s lying mouth. Defense fairy tale not proven. NO evidence exists to support or prove it. End of story. Jeez.


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