Tea Party: Talking About a Revolution

Just in case anyone doesn’t know it yet, these Tea Party Conservatives are scary people….

They don’t really care about representative Democracy.  They want to use force and intimidation to get their way.  They don’t respect anyone who disagrees with them and are willing to use any method to get their way and drive their agenda.

Their goal is to suppress votes and, if that doesn’t work, they keep talking about driving their agenda by force.

And remember, they are not the majority, no matter how many times they claim to be so….

That’s not exactly the American Way….

That is unless you believe D.H. Lawrence when he said: “”The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic and a killer.”

That’s not the open and generous American Soul I know, but it sure seems to be an accurate statement about the soul of the Tea Party and these hard right conservatives.


From Raw Story.com.  Emphasis is mine….


Speaking to a Massachusetts tea party group recently, conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart made some comments that are raising eyebrows online this week, telling the small gathering of Republicans that he sometimes wants to “fire the first shot.”

“I’m under attack all the time,” he said. “The call me gay. There are death threats… There are times when I’m not thinking as clearly as I should, and in those unclear moments, I always think to myself, ‘Fire the first shot. Bring it on.’ Because I know who’s on our side.

“They can only win a rhetorical and propaganda war. They cannot win. We outnumber them in this country and we have the guns… I’m not kidding. They talk a mean game, but they will not cross that line because they know what they’re dealing with. ”

Breitbart added that “major named people in the military” will sometimes “grab” him and say, “Thank you for what you’re doing, we’ve got your back.”

via Breitbart: Conservatives ‘outnumber’ liberals, ‘and we have the guns’ | Raw Replay.

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