The Revolutionary Costume for Today

Being a Gay man who is both a Southern boy and a W&L boy, I spend a lot of time worrying about clothes and appearances….

I try not to, but I can’t help it….

When I went to my first Gay Pride Rally/March years ago, my biggest worry was what to wear?  Especially, since I didn’t even own a t-shirt back then-and still rarely wear jeans.  Ralph Lauren seemed a bit much for the event, but I think I wore it anyway….

And we somehow ended up marching with “The Women of the Land” who were Lesbians who were into simple living in a natural environment.  They were not wearing Ralph, but they were real sweet and we got along just fine….

Anyway, here is some  advice from Little Edie from “Grey Gardens”, the musical.  This was a flawed show, but I still saw it twice in New York.  Once off-Broadway and again on Broadway.  Christine Ebersole really earned her Tony….

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