“Occupy Wall Street” Twice as Popular as “Tea Party”

This is no surprise to me, but will be to much of the traditional media.

Occupy Wall Street represents what used to be called “the Silent Majority” whereas the Tea Party represents the rude and noisy minority.

Now let’s see if the mainstream media starts treating it more legitimately.  Or at least give is the press they gave those Tea Party fools….

From Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire:


The latest Time poll finds the Occupy Wall Street movement has a 54% favorable rating. In contrast, the Tea Party’s favorable rating is just 27%.

Greg Sargent: “In fairness, the Tea Party has been in existence since before the 2010 elections, and even has had a seat at the governing table during the debt ceiling and government shutdown debacles, which clearly took their toll on the Tea Party’s image. Occupy Wall Street is just getting started. But it does seem clear that a confluence of events — the protests, Obama’s jobs push, Elizabeth Warren’s Senate candidacy, and the national backlash from the right all these things have provoked — are pushing populist issues such as fair taxation and income inequality to the forefront of the national conversation.”

More:   “Occupy Wall Street” Twice as Popular as “Tea Party”.

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