Greensboro Voter Guide for the November General Election (Revised)

For my friends and neighbors in Greensboro, NC, here is the Replacements PAC Voter’s Guide.

I strongly recommend this as a guide if you are looking not just for LGBT Friendly Candidates, but for Progressive Candidates in General.

Here are the recommended Candidates.  While all the Candidates below are good and recommended, there are two, in particular, I strongly support:  Robbie Perkins for Mayor and Nancy Hoffman in District 4.    They really need to replace the respective opponents and  both would be great additions to our local government and for moving Greensboro forward.

I also strongly support former Mayer Yvonne Johnson and Wayne Abraham for two of the three At-Large seats.  For the third, I lean toward Marikay Abuzuaiter instead of  Nancy Barakat Vaughn.  I think either would be very good.

My concern is that Ms Vaughn and Mayor Johnson will probably be the top vote getters.  I hope Mr. Abraham and Ms. Abuzaiter don’t split the vote and allow one of the conservative candidates to take the third slot.  I wish Ms Vaughn had stuck with her earlier decision not to run.  Believe me, any three of these four candidates would be better than what we have with current at-large Councilman Danny Thompson…

My gut tells me, best case scenario, former Mayor Johnson, Ms Vaughn and Ms. Abuzaiter will take the 3 At Large seats.  I’m afraid Mr Abraham, who I do support, will have to try again another year.  I could be wrong….

So much depends on turnout.  The current Conservative Council and Mayor are in place because the Tea Party turned out in the last election, while the Progressives stayed home.  I truly hope that does not happen again….

In any event, please, remember to vote on Tuesday, November 8th!  Too often bad candidates win simply because more Progressive voters stay home……

2011 LGBT General Election Voter Guide

Guilford County

Greensboro Mayor (R) Robbie Perkins

Greensboro City Council At-Large (U) Nancy Barakat Vaughan

Greensboro City Council At-Large (D) Yvonne J. Johnson

Greensboro City Council At-Large (D) Wayne Abraham

Greensboro City Council Dist 1 (D) Donnell (DJ) Hardy

Greensboro City Council Dist 2 (D) Jim Kee

Greensboro City Council Dist 3 (R) Zach Matheny

Greensboro City Council Dist 4 (D) Nancy Hoffmann

Greensboro City Council Dist 5 No Endorsement

Jamestown Town Council (R) Brock Thomas

Jamestown Town Council (U) Tommy Walls

Following are other Greensboro candidates who returned surveys and are supportive of LGBT issues in varying degrees.

Marikay Abuzuaiter City Council At-Large (D) Very Supportive

Chris Lawyer City Council At-Large (R) Very Supportive

T. Dianne Bellamy Small City Council Dist 1 (D) Somewhat Supportive

Jay Ovitorre City Council Dist 3 (D) Very Supportive

Alamance County

Ossippee Town Council (U) Billy Carter

Swepsonville Town Council (D) Virginia Miller

Graham Mayor (D) Thomas Bruton

Graham City Council (U) Lee Kimrey

Graham City Council (D) Jeanette Beaudry

Randolph County

Franklinville Town Council (D) Lowell Whatley

Rockingham County

Madison Alderman (R) J. Lee Mills

Mayodan Town Council (R) Gloria Powers


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2 responses to “Greensboro Voter Guide for the November General Election (Revised)

  1. Fred

    I guess it’s a bit late, but I just saw Frank Gray (D-Town Council incumbent) at the Jamestown polling place and asked why he wasn’t on the list of being supportive of LBGT issues. He assured me was and that he had responded to the survey that had been sent out. It’s a little disconcerting that we’re being asked to vote for a Republican who is supportive while making it seem the Democrat is not. Who put this together anyway? I trust folks aren’t practicing the “one-issue” thing and don’t care what other policies someone may have as long as they are supportive of LBGT issues.
    (It’s moot for me. I live in a section of Jamestown that is considered High Point for one thing and Jamestown for another. This happened to be one of the “other” times so I showed up and didn’t get to vote.


  2. Fred: I would ask Frank to Contact Gary Palmer at Replacements to discuss this….I’m not sure how they compile this, but it has proven to be the best list I have been able to locate for Progressive Local Candidates. For the record, I voted for Robbie Perkins for Mayor today. First time I’ve voted for a Republican in at least 20 years, but he was the best choice since his opponent was also a Republican! I wish Frank well. Let me know if you hear what he finds out from Gary.


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