Mitt Romney: Poor Little Rich Boy

In honor of Mitt’s $10,000 bet with Rick Perry at last night’s debate….

Most of the pundits today seem to think it’s a fatal error that makes it clear that $10,000 to Mitt is like $10 is to most  everyone else.

They opine that this means Mitt is one of the 1% who can’t relate to the Middle Class or the 99%…

And that the Middle Class and 99% won’t be able to relate to Mitt….


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One response to “Mitt Romney: Poor Little Rich Boy

  1. It really does speak to how out of touch he is. And when you add such comments as “corporation are our friend” he’s definately out of the loop with most Americans. That’s not to say many of the gop candidates are actually in touch with the middle class…it’s just Romney’s comments continually show how far his wealth removes him from the pains a large portion of the country are facing daily.


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