Angeline O’Grady: U.S. Airways Lost My Husband’s Ashes

As if we need another reason to hate USAirways….

They really are the tackiest, most incompetent airline I’ve ever dealt with….

And I’ve flown over a million miles…

Their petty “rules” are just unbelievable- especially if you are flying from the UK to the USA.  I’ve sworn I will never fly them internationally again…

And they haven’t even lost a loved one’s ashes yet…

They are just horrible.  If we had a decent regulatory system, they would not be allowed to fly passengers due to their rudeness, incompetence. lack of common sense and caring and petty cheapness…

They are truly unbelievable…

From the Huffington Post:

PHILADELPHIA — A suburban Philadelphia woman is searching for her husband’s ashes, which she says went missing from her luggage after she flew to England to bury them in his hometown of Hull.

Angeline O’Grady, of Trumbauersville, says her husband, Brian, died of cancer in October. On Nov. 1, she says security screeners told her she could not take the ashes through airport security.

She says she was directed to the US Airways counter and put the ashes in her checked luggage. She told WCAU-TV that when she got off in England, the ashes were gone.

The airline told the station it’s investigating and working with the Transportation Security Administration to figure out what happened. A message left with the airline by The Associated Press was not immediately returned.

via Angeline O’Grady: U.S. Airways Lost My Husband’s Ashes (VIDEO).

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