Do People Become More Conservative as They Age?

This is a very interesting article to me…

I was raised in a Republican Family, was a member of the College Republicans (socially, of course) and worked for the  GOP or a year or two 25 years or so ago…

Then I started thinking….

I became a Clinton Democrat and eventually evolved to be a solid Progressive/Liberal…

I can only explain this by the fact that I have an open and inquiring mind ….

I question everything and draw my own conclusions…

But if this article is true, I may end up being politically somewhere to the left of Mao’s Widow by the time I’m 80….

Still, this is good news….

From Discovery News:


Amidst the bipartisan banter of election season, there persists an enduring belief that people get more conservative as they age — making older people more likely to vote for Republican candidates.

Ongoing research, however, fails to back up the stereotype. While there is some evidence that today’s seniors may be more conservative than today’s youth, that’s not because older folks are more conservative than they use to be. Instead, our modern elders likely came of age at a time when the political situation favored more conservative views.

In fact, studies show that people may actually get more liberal over time when it comes to certain kinds of beliefs. That suggests that we are not pre-determined to get stodgy, set in our ways or otherwise more inflexible in our retirement years.

Contrary to popular belief, old age can be an open-minded and enlightening time.

via Do People Become More Conservative as They Age? : Discovery News.


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2 responses to “Do People Become More Conservative as They Age?

  1. I’d say people get more religious, realizing they’re getting closer and closer to death. That affects their politics, I guess, but our views of what is “liberal” and what is “conservative” change drastically over a single lifetime. My future grandchildren might call me a conservative for not embracing their decisions to marry animals or for my steadfast belief that marijuana is a safe legal drug, but cocaine shouldn’t be.


  2. I have wondered this myself. As the days progress, I feel that I am starting to have a more conservative attitude, yet then again it could just be my up bringing finally coming out.


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