Political Divisions Between Conservatives, Liberals Have a Genetic Basis

I’ve said this many times:  Conservatives look backwards with fear, while Progressive/Liberals look forward with hope.

Now there seems to be scientific evidence to back up my observations.

All I can say is, if it is Genetic and they can’t help themselves, I will try to be more understanding and accepting….

To do so, all I ask is that they accept the same Genetic basis for homosexuality and be equally as understanding and accepting…

Seems fair to me….

I encourage you to click the link and read the entire article from The Huffington Post:

If you walk away from holiday dinners fuming that conservative Uncle Morton just can’t see your point of view, or that liberal Aunt Betty just doesn’t get it, a new finding may make it easier to cool your jets. According to the study, conservatives and liberals pay attention to their environments differently, meaning the two sides of the political spectrum quite literally don’t see eye-to-eye.

Conservatives pay more attention to negative stimuli compared with liberals, the study found.

“They’re essentially monitoring things that make them feel uncomfortable, which does feel fairly consistent with conservative policies, actually,” study researcher Mike Dodd, a psychologist at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, told LiveScience. “They tend to confront things head-on that they view as threats, things like immigration and so on.” [10 Significant Political Protests]

Dodd was quick to note that the kind of stimuli a person pays more attention to does not make them better or worse than someone of another political persuasion. But the findings could suggest a biological basis for political views.

“Based on your biology, you might be experiencing and processing something in a fundamentally different way from someone else,” Dodd said.

via Political Divisions Between Conservatives, Liberals Mirror Reactions To Negative Stimuli.


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2 responses to “Political Divisions Between Conservatives, Liberals Have a Genetic Basis

  1. I think it is a combination of genetics, environment and life experience. I know liberals who have crossed over from conservatism. There are circumstances in life that cause one to re-examine everything you thought you know. That’s what brought them here. Others have been this way their whole life and believe it’s better to help your fellow women and men through a common wealth of the people.


  2. Remenber the study that used Animal Planet’s Aniaml Precinct show ? Conservatives want to see the animal abuser caught and punished,liberals wanted to see the abused animals get well and get good homes.


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