How Romney Treats His Dog Shows His True Character

I think how one treats one’s pets says more about their character than just about anything else….

And Mitt Romney showed a careless disregard for the comfort, feelings and safety of his pet when he put him in a crate on the top of the car and drove for 12 hours on vacation…

I don’t see how we can expect him to treat people any less callously…

Even most Conservative Republicans treat their dogs better than Romney did…

He’s really in a league of his own here and to me it shows a total lack of compassion, poor judgement, objectification of animals and pretty poor  critical thinking skills…

Here’s an excerpt from  great column from Susan Estrich in the Courier Post about Romney and how he treated his dog…

Apparently she agrees with me…..

Presidential elections are, in a very fundamental way, tests of character. You can’t predict all the issues or crises that will face the person you elect president, which means that character, ultimately, counts for more than position papers and platforms.

And in my book, as a dog lover, nothing tells you as much about a person’s character as how they treat their dog.

So what are we to make of that infamous family vacation during which Romney put the dog in a crate on top of the car — for 12 hours? Or the more recent revelations that the dog and the crate had to be hosed down a few hours into the trip when his bowels gave way?


via SUSAN ESTRICH: Romney’s care of dog may attest to his character | Courier-Post |

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