Republican Congressional Aide Arrested for Assaulting Lindsay Lohan

This is just too rich- and trashy- for words…

A Republican Congressional Aid partying with Lindsay Lohan and assaulting her?

The Conservatives and the Religious Right are going to love this….

Or they may just be happy, at least this time, it’s a Republican misbehaving with a woman….

This time…..


Christian LaBella, who is listed as a legislative correspondent in the office of Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) and who staff confirmed “has worked” for the Congressman, was arrested Sunday morning on charges that he assaulted actress Lindsay Lohan after a night of partying. The charges were dropped and the arrest voided on Sunday afternoon, reportedly because Lohan did not received medical attention.

The dispute allegedly arose after a night of clubbing in New York City when Lohan discovered that LaBella had taken pictures of her on his cell phone and attempted to delete them. Lohan reportedly told police that he threw her on the bed and scratched her, after which she fled her room at the W Hotel in Union Square. She then apparently told police that LaBella attempted to choke her outside of her hotel room, and she pulled the fire alarm.

LaBella was picked up by police upon exiting the stairwell.

via Republican Congressional aide arrested for assault on Lindsay Lohan | The Raw Story.

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