Premature Desperation

Personally, I’m hoping Joe Biden destroys Paul Ryan tonight.

Paul doesn’t do well when challenged or criticized.  He’s like one of those GenX kids who is used to getting a ribbon for coming in 10th place…

And the intellectual competition isn’t exactly stiff within the modern Republican Party.

Still, no matter what happens tonight, lets keep our perspective and not run down the street hysterically screaming that the sky is falling.  That’s something the Democrats do very well….

I somehow think Paul will be a whimpering mass of personal outrage before the night is out, but just in case…

Here is a great Reality Check from Charles Blow in the New York Times:

Hey you! Come down off that ledge. Let’s talk this through. It’s not as bad as it seems.

Yes, the president’s performance in the last debate was, to put it mildly, unfortunate. Yes, Mitt Romney plowed over the truth like road kill and drove away free as a bird. Yes, the narrow swath of voters in the middle — many of whom may be low-information, low-engagement voters — responded to Romney’s forcefulness and were put off by the president’s passivity. Yes, Romney got a post-debate bump.

Yes, yes, yes, yes. But that doesn’t mean all is lost. It isn’t.

Romney’s post-debate bounce essentially wiped out Obama’s post-convention bounce so we’re pretty much back to where we started: a tight race in which the president holds a narrow lead when all polls are taken together, but also one in which he is still highly favored to win the electoral college.

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