Man Tries to Escape Rest Home in Dumpster

I hope my Mother doesn’t see this and get any ideas….


A Caswell County, N.C., man was injured Friday morning after hiding in a Dumpster to escape a rest home.

Lt. Frank Rose of the Caswell County Sheriff’s Office said the man — who has not been identified — was hiding in the trash bin to escape the rest home he had been living in for the last two months.

While he was hiding, he was dumped into the back of a garbage truck during normal trash collection Friday.

Rose said the truck made a few stops before the man started beating on the inside of the truck to let the driver know he was back there.

A Caswell County Sheriff’s Office deputy was called to the scene when the garbage truck driver noticed the man was in the back.

Rose said the man was transported to Duke University Medical Center after complaining of injuries to his foot.

He will most likely be returned to the rest home, Rose said.

via Man dumped in trash truck after hiding to escape rest home – Danville.

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