Fight the Good Fight: A Message from Robert Reich

Great message today on Facebook from former Labor Secretary and all around brilliant man Robert Reich…

Sometimes politics and politicians just seem too ridiculous to take seriously.  That’s one of the reasons I slowed down on blogging for a few months.  I had to take a break from the foolishness.

But I realized we all have to stay engaged and stay in the game.  The Conservatives, the Rich, the 1% , the crazy Evangelical fringe, the haters, the Gun Nuts and the neanderthal’s certainly will.  They aren’t going away- well, at least until they die out….

With the Supreme Court on the verge of throwing out section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, the Republicans are going to do even more to gerrymander their way into keeping power and finding ways to suppress the vote.

I hope all my Progressive friends and readers will read this message from Secretary Reich and keep it in mind:

In light of the standoff in Washington — and the continuing dysfunction in our nation’s capital — many of you are angry and frustrated. Some of you say you’ve had it with politics. Others feel powerless and hopeless. A number blame both parties, seeing Democrats as no different from Republicans.

All these reactions are exactly what the regressives want. This is the heart of their strategy. They want you to see all of politics and all politicians as crooks and con-artists, fools or knaves. They want you to give up. That way, they can have it all. They can turn the clock back on America. They can shred every safety net, eviscerate every regulation, prevent any investment in the health and education of future generations. They can hammer the poor and middle class with lower wages, fewer jobs, and less security, and create a plutocracy of the privileged and powerful. Get it? They want you out of the way so they have America to themselves. The showdowns and standoffs and gridlock in Washington are part of their plot.

We must not let them. The progressive forces in this country are stronger than the regressive ones, but only if we are united and determined. Don’t stop making a ruckus. Don’t stop writing and calling your representatives. Don’t stop mobilizing others, and organizing at the grass roots. 2014 will be a key election year. We must take our democracy back.

via Robert Reich.

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